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Corporate Law

  • Corporate Structuring
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Management
  • Securities
  • Corporate Tax
  • Company Winding up
  • Tax Planning
  • Corporate Legal Audit.

Real Estate & Conveyancing

LawBay Advocates is home to some of the best Real Estates law practitioners.LawBay Advocates is among the very top few law firms entrusted by the corporations and leaders in the industry to provide professional legal advice within this complex area, especially on satellite town planning and real estate development.

We offer the full range of Real Estate and Conveyancing services.LawBay has since its inception, provided a variety of services to commercial and private clients in property law including:

  • Land Use Plan (LUP)
  • Acquisitions of Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Drafting of Commercial and Residential Leases
  • Commercial Property Re-organization
  • Commercial Conveyancing, Property Law
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Village Land Acquisitions and Leasing Arrangements
  • Property sub-divisions and partitioning,
  • Application for the Right of Occupancy
  • Drafting of property sale and acquisition and sale agreements.

Mergers & Acquisition Services

We provide advisory services to the public, private companies and institutions on all aspects of corporate activities, including:

  • Public Company Takeover and Privatization
  • Private Company Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Joint Ventures
  • Reorganizations Including Schemes of Arrangement
  • Management Buyouts
  • Share Buybacks and Capital Reduction
Attorneys in Tanzania

Alternative Dispute Resolution

LawBayAdvocates is a leading firm in matters relating to alternative Dispute Resolution. We are committed to providing experience and high skilled expertise in the area. We represent high profile business cases on arbitration, mediation and regulatory issues. We are known for advising banks, major corporate businesses and board members of companies on the most difficult and sophisticated conflict management matters.

Our experience offers us with an advantage of pursuing avenues of either, negotiations, mediation or arbitration in the most effective and more expeditious manner having our client’s business interest in mind. During the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution, every detail of the transaction matters.

Agriculture Laws

We have a team of lawyers with indepth experience in the agricultural sector, offers legal advice to the agri-business, farmers, growers, agrochemicals and rural agricultural businesses. Our experience with complex legal framework of the Tanzanian land laws, positions us with the understanding to offer the best legal advice in the agriculture industry in rural areas. Our expertise ranges from tenancy contracts with farmers or relevant authorities, farm ownership schemes, seeds  & food export and food security.

Wildlife Laws

LawBays  Wildlife laws practice provides our clients with well informed legal advice on full range of Wildlife issues. The firm is involved in high stake matters in the area of wildlife including wildlife policy consultation and strategic investments within the wildlife areas.

We have longstanding reputation for our representation of major public and private companies and institutions on all aspects of wildlife activities including:

  • Setting up of Wildlife Management Areas
  • Setting up of Ranches and Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Hunting Block acquisitions as well as Photographic Utilization


  • Investment Contracts
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Profit Sharing Agreements (PSA)
  • Applications to the Tanzania Investment Center (TIC status)
  • Economic Processing Zones (EPZ developer status)
  • Application for Business Licenses
  • Application for Work and Resident Permits

Structured Commercial Litigation

Understanding our business environment, LawBay Advocates’ key aim is to advice clients to settle their disputes out of court, however, when litigation is inevitable, LawBay Advocates advices its clients through the legal as well as commercial aspects of litigation and takes resultant instructions to act accordingly and aggressively. We have successfully represented our clients in courts of all instances in the country through a structured legal strategy that proves the best outcome. We litigate under the following areas; 

  • Cases on Breach of Contracts
  • Disputes Arising from Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Class Actions
  • business Tortuous Cases
  • Shareholder’s Disputes
  • Environmental Litigation

Each individual case is judged from analytical approach by a litigant expert from where the cause of action arises on merits of a dispute which assessment will offer best possible results at convenience.

Intellectual Property Law (IP Protection)

We handle applications for trademarks and patents, including contentious and non-contentious work. Our portfolio in this arena boasts complex patent actions and defense to various dispute resolutions relating to trade marks such as:

  • Trademarks Protection
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Patent Rights
  • Licensing and Transactions
  • Drafting of Trademark License Agreements
  • Structured Intellectual Property Settlements
  • Trademarks Copyright Registration and Protection.